10 Problems Only Work At Home Moms Understand

1. Almost all your clothes are house clothes

2. You only need to buy deodorant, cologne, and other stuff you put on before you go to outside once a year.

3. Either you eat all the time or your forget to eat all day.

cookie monster

4. Commuting feels “awkward”

Image courtesy of markpedder.wordpress.com
Image courtesy of markpedder.wordpress.com

5. You don’t fit in in any of the  mom “cliques”

cool mom

6. Almost all of your friends are “virtual”.

facebook friend

7. Talking about your work and co-workers feels surreal, because they all exist online.


8. You’re the only one who thinks TMZ, Buzzfeed, and Mashable are too slow.


9. You’re always the 1st one to hear about local and international news, thanks to Facebook and Twitter.


10. When you talk about your office, it’s with quotation marks.


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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog on a Google search and glad to find out you’re also a Davao-based WAHM. Cheers to WAHMs like us! I relate to ev-uh-rything in this post!

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