5 Myths About Looking For Work As A Virtual Assistant

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A lot of stay-at-home parents are now trying online work or online jobs to supplement their income. And one of the most popular and in demand jobs out there today is being a virtual assistant. Working as a virtual assistant (VA) is a great option for stay at home parents because it provides a lot of work flexibility.

Unfortunately, people have a lot of misconceptions on how to get a VA job. Most of them feel that they’re not good enough or qualified enough to work online. These misconceptions are some of the biggest reasons why a lot of parents are reluctant to look for VA jobs, despite the huge demand,

Below are the 5 biggest myths that stop a lot of people from finding good, fulfilling VA jobs and what you can do to find an online job that best suits you.

Myth # 1 If you’re just starting out, go for the entry level jobs. If you’re a skilled professional or an experienced entrepreneur, why start from the bottom when you already have the skills that will allow you to bypass entry level positions. Find jobs based on your skill and skill level, not according to what you think are available. The jobs available online are vast and varied, and those who have real-life skills have a distinct advantage, even online. So if you’ve already worked as an accountant or if you’re a law graduate or if you have a Master’s Degree, don’t settle for data entry or low skill jobs. Go for the jobs that fit your education and your skills. Sure, highly-skilled jobs are not as plentiful as menial jobs but there’s also less competition for these jobs and they often provide better pay.

Myth # 2. Only list down the skills that the job is looking for. Business hire VAs for a number of things but VAs who specialize often get better pay and have more perks. That’s why there are now subcategories of VAs that specialize in appointment setting, real estate, legal, medical, etc. List down all your skills, and I mean all of them. If you have a talent transcribing music, drawing caricatures, fluent in Chinese or making funny memes, write them all down. These could be the skills that could get you better job offers.

Myth # 3. Be modest in your resume. Women, in general, are more modest about their professional achievements. Unfortunately, modesty won’t grab attention. Make your resume or online profile stand out by listing every achievement you have under your belt. It’s not bragging if it’s true and no achievement is too insignificant. That black belt in tae kwan do or certificate in advanced baking may just give you the edge over other applicants, especially among employers who are looking for people who are knowledgeable in specific markets.

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Myth # 4. You have to know internet marketing, SEO to become a VA. VAs with internet marketing experience do have an advantage but, again, businesses hire VAs for a number of reasons. Some businesses hire VAs exclusively to provide content, maintain their websites, maintain their social media accounts, manage projects or do administrative work. In these jobs, SEO and internet marketing knowledge is secondary and sometimes, unnecessary. Also, most employer offer training and resources on internet marketing or SEO techniques that they want for their business. And if you still want to learn more about internet marketing or SEO before applying for VA positions, there are hundreds of free and paid resources available online.

Myth # 5. Only your work experience is relevant, not your business or volunteer experience. There are certain job skills and characteristics that people only acquire once they have tried running their own business or have done volunteer work. People who have either gone into business or have volunteered often have the initiative to take on new projects, they have the creativity to think of new projects or provide unique solutions to problems, they’re diplomatic and emphatic. These job skills and characteristics are exactly the kind of things employers look for. These are the ‘extras’ that can give you the edge over applicants with similar qualifications. Why? Because good employers value potential. Because these experiences show that you have what it takes to take a leadership role and you have the capability to do more than what’s currently in your resume. Employers want people with potential because it’s a good investment if they can find and nurture that potential for their business.

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