A Change Would Do You Good

It’s been months since my last blog post and I feel really bad about this. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it anymore. It’s just that I’ve been so busy and I went through so many personal and professional changes that I had very little time for myself.

So I had to take a break and focus on my family for a while, work out my priorities. It took me several months for figure things out but now I’m back, hopefully better and stronger than before.

Change is inevitable, especially for work at home parents. Kids grow up, their needs change and we have to change with them. When I started this blog I mostly worked at home. My daughter was with me 24/7 and everyday I had to find ways to entertain her so I can get some work done.

Now, my daughter’s going to school and my husband also works at home. The work I do now requires me to leave the house every once in a while.  I now have real life communities that need my input and participation. It’s crazy hectic but thankfully, we’ve all been able to take things in stride.

And now that we’ve settled into some sort of routine again, I’ll go back to posting jobs  and work at home tips here again. There will be some changes in the future, it can’t be helped. But the great thing is I now have friends to help my out and my mission to help parents find a balance, find the best of both worlds remains.

Watch out! Wailings is back! Bigger and better than ever!

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Julia Jasmine Sta Romana

Julia Jasmine Sta Romana is a writer, content development specialist and enterprise development trainer. She likes to write about science and technology, education, parenting, food, and always looking for ways to make working at home an easier and more fulfilling experience.
Julia Jasmine Sta Romana
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