Author: Jessica

Jessica Madrazo built her company and career when she was a work at home mom. From being a freelance virtual assistant she started her own company. She is now the Chief Operations Officer of CoffeeRobot, Hootsuite Amabassador, Social Media Manager for Dakila, and provides trainings to help entrepreneurs and small business managers promote and manage their business online and on social media.

Hitting the Big Three-Oh

Making lifestyle changes we’ve only had nightmares about. Our parents had to wait for their 10th year or 20th year reunion to realize what the trend was for their school batch. But for our impatient, information-whore generation, all we have to do is log into facebook. If you wanted to find out if sh*t just…

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Get Real- They’re Called Mothers, Not Saints

Grown-ups have their own version of Disney. It’s called motherhood. The world seems to be under the impression that once a woman bears a child, there is an ideal situation that one has to reach. And once we get there, it’s a certain state that leaves us no need, no regrets, no wants, just the…

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