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Creating Online Economic Opportunities In The Countryside: My RISTT Trainer Experience

I finally had the opportunity to be a trainer for the RISTT (Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training) Program last month. After repeated invitations from Ms Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and Jessica Madrazo of CoffeeBot, I had my first virtual assistance class in Kidapawan, North Cotabato. I had the distinct advantage of knowing about the…

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Lashing Out Against the Wave of Anti-Intellectualism

There was a question that showed up in my Quora account that asked a question about anti-intellectualism.  I answered it  best I could but I was limited by the scope of the question. I’m answering it here in full. My intention is to hopefully show that anti-intellectualism isn’t as simple as most people think. It’s…

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Science, As a Christian – My Thoughts on the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate

Just watched the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate. It got me thinking about my belief and why some people find it hard to imagine how I can reconcile both. I’m a Christian and a scientist. But I really have to side on Bill Nye on this one because I AM a Christian and a…

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