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To My Little Girl:Why Real Life Happy Endings Are So Much Cooler

Dear Nicky, Your father and I would like to apologize for some the movies and TV shows you have seen us watching lately. Your Papa and I love romantic comedies. We love the singing along to the music of Disney princess movies. My working at home has also exposed you to my guilty pleasure: cheesy…

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Learning More About Your Child’s Learning Personality – A Book Review

Disclosure: The book was given as a complimentary copy but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Once my daughter started going to school, my husband and I started reflecting on our own experiences in school, specifically our experiences on learning in school. For me, I found learning in school rather easy. I liked…

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Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Be A Good Virtual Assistant

I met with other virtual assistants at a coffee shop a few weeks ago and I was surprised how easy it was to get along with most of them right away. I guess it’s because most of us are alike in a lot of ways. So we were able to relate with one another, not…

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