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10 Problems Only Work At Home Moms Understand

1. Almost all your clothes are house clothes 2. You only need to buy deodorant, cologne, and other stuff you put on before you go to outside once a year. 3. Either you eat all the time or your forget to eat all day. 4. Commuting feels “awkward” 5. You don’t fit in in any…

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Why This Mommy Is Stealing Candy From a Baby

When I was a kid, and well into my 20s, I always thought it was kind of funny that my mom would hide the best bits of chocolate from me and my sister for herself. Because it’s really hilarious when you think about it, a grown woman hiding chocolate in her underwear drawer; a variation…

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When Are You Going To Get A Real Job – How To Deal With Unwanted Advice

One of the things that always comes up in discussion whenever I’m with my friends who also work online is how a lot of people can’t seem to help themselves and tell us that we should get a “real” job. It doesn’t matter that I’m earning more now than I did in my old office…

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