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To My Little Girl:Why Real Life Happy Endings Are So Much Cooler

Dear Nicky, Your father and I would like to apologize for some the movies and TV shows you have seen us watching lately. Your Papa and I love romantic comedies. We love the singing along to the music of Disney princess movies. My working at home has also exposed you to my guilty pleasure: cheesy…

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The WAHM Life: It’s About Balance, Not Sacrifice

Today, I couldn’t help myself and I contacted Martine from the WAHMderfullife. I was getting tired of some people criticizing me of not making enough sacrifices to pursue a “serious” career. I got tired of people who thought I was too naive to believe that I could have it all; a fulfilling career, a good…

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Why Sending My Daughter To School Was The Best Choice For Me

I’m a big fan of homeschooling and I have a lot of respect for parents who choose to homeschool and unschool their children. I know the tremendous benefits and savings you can get from homeschooling. And because of that I have seriously considered homeschooling my daughter. It certainly made sense, considering that I work from…

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