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Science, As a Christian – My Thoughts on the Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate

Just watched the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate. It got me thinking about my belief and why some people find it hard to imagine how I can reconcile both. I’m a Christian and a scientist. But I really have to side on Bill Nye on this one because I AM a Christian and a…

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Creating Teachable Moments Everyday In Little Ways

One the best perks of working at home is that you’re always there to guide your child and educate them on almost everything. The amazing thing about toddlers is their brains are like sponges. They absorb practically anything (if you catch their attention long enough). They ask all these interesting questions and make remarkable observations.…

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The Power of Why

I came across this article yesterday on the about the Phil. Department of Education dropping science from its Grade 1 and 2 curriculum. It’s actually an old story but when you look at the reactions online, you’ll see that it still hits a raw nerve. I think the reason why we’re so offended by…

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