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Get Real- They’re Called Mothers, Not Saints

Grown-ups have their own version of Disney. It’s called motherhood. The world seems to be under the impression that once a woman bears a child, there is an ideal situation that one has to reach. And once we get there, it’s a certain state that leaves us no need, no regrets, no wants, just the…

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Working With Children

Never work with children and animals – W.C. Fields Being a work at home mom, I make it a point to work around my daughter’s schedule. I do that because a lot of times, I find it impossible to work around her. She’s at that age when she asks a lot of questions and I’m…

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10 Reasons Work At Home Moms Could Win Top Chef

My husband and I are rabid Top Chef fans. After watching several seasons and the current season of Top Chef Masters, I can’t help but think I might have a chance of winning this thing. I know I’m only a decent cook. But I know I’d be unstoppable if I had their culinary training. Why?…

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