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WAHM’s Guide To Meeting Other WAHMs IRL

Even for us who have worked in an office before we became WAHM’s, working with another person you know in the same room can be an uncomfortable experience if you’ve been doing it for so long. The easy-going, casual IM’s you share with this virtual co-worker turns into awkward, stunted conversations when you have to…

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The Rewards Of Hands-On Parenting

The past few weeks have been a revelation for me. Just when I was starting to feel a little depressed about my parenting skills, my daughter surprises me with moments that made me realize that all that extra effort was truly worthwhile. Just for example last week. I was preparing her for her afternoon nap.…

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Missing Nanny 3: Children and Chores

Teaching your child how to do chores not only gives them a sense of responsibility. It also lays the groundwork for good habits and it makes them feel like their contributing something important to the family. Since I’ll be spending more time with my daughter and I won’t be able to get a lot of…

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