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The Unexpected Upside of the Momo Challenge

After seeing article after article about Momo on my feed, I figured it was time to ask my daughter about it. Our conversation went like this: Me: Anak, have you heard about Momo? Bianca: You mean Momoland? I don’t really like them. I just liked one song. After a few minutes of her introducing me…

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Making A Work At Home Marriage Work

The past year has been tough for me and my husband mainly because our work/home dynamic has changed. I am fortunate to have a husband who is really shares the work when it comes to taking care of our daughter and our home. Because of that, we have developed a system where most of the…

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Heneral Luna is Flawed as F@%k

I was browsing through my social media feeds this morning and saw that there are some who criticized that the film “Heneral Luna”. They all agree that it’s a beautiful film. They’re just feel like we shouldn’t be celebrating a film shows a man who really shouldn’t be considered a hero. Heneral Luna was selfish,…

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