Celebrating Teachers and Teaching

Math time with my nephew and daughter

“It’s obvious that you like kids and you like to teach. Why don’t you become a teacher?”

The first time I was asked this question was when I was an undergrad. I was tutoring science and math part-time for extra cash. Parents liked me and the students seem to be interested in what I had to say. I even considered taking a few education subjects just so I could qualify to be a teacher. In fact, I was about to sign up for a few classes when I had a epiphany of why I can’t be a teacher. I love children, I like teaching, but I can’t consider myself a teacher.

Why? Because I have too much respect for teachers and teaching to go into it half-assed.

I see teaching as a vocation, not as a profession. When you choose to become a teacher you must have the love for learning and the passion for education. The best teachers dedicate their lives to their students and their craft. They change lives. It’s an enormous responsibility that they take on willingly despite the fact that they’re under appreciated and underpaid. A true teacher doesn’t need the accolades. Knowing that you have helped a child that day is the reward.

I like teaching but I know I don’t have the same passion for it as I have for science. I know if I pursued being a teacher my heart wouldn’t be into it, which wouldn’t be fair to the students and to the profession. It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. That is why I salute those who choose to teach, they do more for world than we ever give them credit for.

I still teach at Sunday school and I occasionally tutor my nephew. I look to my former teachers and my daughter’s teachers for inspiration every time I do get a chance to teach. I struggle at times but I’m still thankful. Thankful that my teachers had the patience of Job when I still their student. And extremely thankful for that nifty little trick they showed me on how to still look professional even through the moments when they wanted to strangle me =)

Happy Teacher’s Day!


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7 Replies to “Celebrating Teachers and Teaching”

  1. You’re right. The best teachers really do change lives! I have a lot of respect for teachers. It’s interesting, but when I look back on my school years, the teachers that had a positive influence on my life are the ones I remember. Well said!

  2. My husband is a high school teacher and it’s amazing the misperception that teachers have it “easy” especially with the summers off. If anyone ever questions how hard it is to be a teacher, try spending 8 hours a day with 150 teenagers!

    1. I have a few friends who are teachers and they all tell me that teachers don’t actually have weekends or days off. They’re there when they’re needed, no questions asked and no complaints =) And dealing with 150 teenagers…your husband deserves his own monument!

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