The DIY/Home Repair Weight Loss Plan

Don’t get me wrong, I love it that my husband became a work at home dad. It’s awesome that he’s able to spend more time with us.

But ever since he started working at home, he gained weight. A LOT of weight.

This year, his New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. However, he didn’t want to diet. He didn’t want to go to the gym. And he’s having  a hard time trying to fit in exercise in our work/parenting schedule.

He does LOVE to work around the house. It’s something he normally does only on the weekends but he figured that one DIY/home repair project a day would give him the same benefits of exercise and he gets to achieve something that would make our house better. And when we did the math, the cost of materials is roughly equal to that of a gym membership so he may be on to something with this exercise.

Here’s what my husband looks like before he started the his DIY/Home repair weight loss plan a week ago.

We took measurements and found out that he weighed around 70kg, had a waistline of 40 inches and hip circumference of 39 inches.

Since then, these are the projects he has completed:

  • Roof and ceiling repairs
  • Installing a vanity mirror in our bedroom
  • Replace the mosquito screening in our home
  • Fixing our daughter’s bike
  • Upholster our bench
  • Added lighting and did some rewiring here at home and at my mother’s house
  • Removed a metal bench welded to our gate
  • Started scraping off the paint in our kitchen for our future plan to repaint the kitchen.

He did so many things last week, he even dragged our daughter into it.

I wasn’t really sure his plan would really work. Then he weighed in and took his measurements today. He now down to 69kg and he lost 2 inches on both his waist and hips.

I was going to post after photos but we’re thinking of waiting a few more months to see if he can consistently lose weight this fast. That way, the after photos would be more dramatic.

Now, our home feels more comfortable and he does look better. If he’s losing this much weight, maybe I should give up the idea of joining a gym and just help out more?

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