eat ur banana: Lessons Learned As A Two-Year-Old Work-At-Homie

Fire hydrant in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Fire hydrant in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cham, my friend, is not a work at home mom but she is a home worker. Today she celebrated her 2nd year as a freelance, online writer and VA. I’m sharing her blog here because she gives a lot of good insight on what it’s like to be an online worker and the adjustments she made to make the situation work for her.

Below are the first few paragraphs of her post. Just click on the link below to read the entire post:

More than a week ago, I officially turned two years old, as a work-at-homie…
This time around, I did not and I will not give a round of applause for myself, unlike last year. No, not even a virtual cupcake. I don’t deserve one. Not at all. Don’t get me wrong though. I haven’t f*cked up (yet… although I cringe at the thought and refuse to let that word sink in, or be a natural part of this sentence I’m typing right now).
The first year I had as a work-at-home writer had been a year of gratitude. I could hardly believe it myself that finally, I found the right career set-up for me. Perfect for my lifestyle. Perfect for my profession. Perfect for my passion. For me, it was all easy-breezy.
The second year… is when the realities came in. Slowly, they all trickled in and then one day, everything just came gushing out, like water from a wayward fire hydrant in the middle of a busy avenue. I thought everything was all cliche, like everything I read about from a lot of other work-at-homies’ blogs I’ve been following for the longest time. Yes, it was all cliche. AND MORE. So now, amid the water hydrant gone crazy life of a work-a-home, I’m coughing up lots and lots of water (and a lot of it dripping out of my nose too, poor me!). But I am alive, thank goodness. Alive enough to share about some of the most important lessons I learned over the past two years.

Lessons Learned As A Two-Year-Old Work-At-Homie

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  1. Awww… You’re so sweet! Thank you for noticing and re-posting… When all else fail, after a rough day, the least one can produce is a good blog post… See you soonest! 🙂

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