Household Chores: Do They Hurt or Help Your Productivity?

My sister, who is also a work at home mom, hates doing chores while working.  If you force her to do chores when she’s on “work mode”, she becomes cranky, distracted, and would have a hard time getting back on track.

When I’m stuck on something, I use my break to do some chores. I don’t do this because I’m a martyr and I like punishing myself. Chores for me is like a form of meditation. When I finish a chore, I have this sense of achievement, I’m more relaxed and it gives me that second wind I need to keep working.

On a grocery run with my baby. One of the few chores we enjoy doing together.
On a grocery run with my baby. One of the few chores we enjoy doing together.

When you’re a work at home mom, you can’t really avoid doing chores. Even if you have help at home (like other family members or a maid), there will always be chores that you have to do yourself.

The trick is figuring out whether these chores can help or hurt your productivity. Do chores help you think or do you use chores as an excuse to not work? Do chores get in the way of your productivity or are they necessary breaks that help keep you focused and motivated?

When you’re a hands on, work at home parent, chores are a fact of life. You have to accept that being productive is not about doing everything in a day. Productivity is more about doing as much as you can given the time and the resources that you have.

For my sister, this meant putting chores on hold until she’s done with her work. That way, she knows she’s done with all her work obligations for the day and she can focus on chores afterward.

For me, this meant relinquishing some control over how things should be done around the house to my husband. I do the chores that I can but I can’t do everything. I’ll just do enough to help me relax but delegate everything else to my husband and daughter.

What do you think? Do chores hurt or help your productivity?


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7 Replies to “Household Chores: Do They Hurt or Help Your Productivity?”

  1. It hurts my productivity. I do not like doing it. I only do it because I have to but if I can escape doing it then i do that 🙂 It doesn’t help my productivity at all.

  2. I currently work from home and soon will be a work-from-home mom as well. I’m not sure how everything will affect my schedule, but I think I would be very similar. I like to do things like clean or fold laundry while I’m mulling over bigger problems in my mind. It’s comforting somehow.

  3. I can relate so much with your thoughts here! I remember when I used to have a day job, my therapy at the end of the day was to do laundry. The quiet process of doing it helped me process my thoughts, make a mental checklist, decide on things snd let go of emotionsl stress. Chores, defintely help me become productive.

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