I’m A Bad Mommy And I’m Okay With It

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Young Housewife, Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s all be brave enough to admit that we all have our bad mommy moments.

Whether your a working mom, work at home mom, or stay at home mom, you’ve probably done something that parenting books and “experts” say would ruin you’re child’s life forever.

My top 5 sins are:

  1. Using the TV as a nanny
  2. Giving my daughter candy before meals
  3. Lied about going to a meeting just so I could be away from her for a couple of hours
  4. Let her play until past her bedtime because we were having to much fun or I was too tired to argue
  5. Letting her choose her clothes, even if they obviously look horrible

I know that some of you are probably judging me right now. “How could you!? You have no excuse! You stay at home all day!!”

And you know what, you guys are right. I have no excuse. As her mother I should do everything I can to in order to raise my child right and keep her healthy and safe.

I’m with her practically 24 hours a day and I don’t have an excuse.

But what most people don’t see is that in addition to being a mommy 24 hours a day, I’m also a full-time wife and a full-time worker. And on other days, I try to squeeze in being a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, colleague, volunteer, and teacher as much as I can.

Boy, am I tired.

And it’s not just me. Most people don’t realize that as moms, as women, we try to give our all in every role that we play. It’s not that we’re trying to be superwomen. It’s just that we value every role we embrace in our life and we try to give as much as we can. We know that it’s just as important for us to be good friends, daughters, sisters, colleagues, workers, spouses as we are mothers.

But sometimes we do get tired. I snap at my husband. I miss lunch dates with friends. I let my daughter watch TV so I can watch my favorite show on my laptop in peace.

Yes, I’m a bad mommy and that’s mostly because I’m not perfect. It’s also because I’m not just a mommy. I am so much more and I want every part of me to be recognized.

I have no excuses. I have bad mommy, bad daughter, bad sister, and bad friend moments. The best I can do is keep doing my best in every aspect of my life.

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