It Wasn’t Really A Vacation, Per Se

My family and I went to Manila a few weeks ago to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. We did all the things you’d expect from people vacationing in Manila. We visited Manila Ocean Park, went shopping, ate at restaurants and had fun overall.

This picture was taken at Manila Ocean Park. My baby enjoyed every moment of it, especially the penguins!

It was fun but it wasn’t really a vacation, per se, especially for me and my husband. Because in addition to doing all those things, we had to find time to work. Yes, it was basically a working vacation. We both bought our laptops catching up on work, I conferenced with my sister on the phone about our business practically everyday and I networked like mad for our business. And when we finally got home to Davao, we were all so exhausted to the point that we got sick a few days after getting home.

One of the perks of having an online job is that you can bring your work anywhere but the bad thing about it is work does follow you anywhere, even on vacation! So instead of having a completely, relaxing time when you’re on vacation, you end up feeling exhausted.

We do plan to have a real vacation, eventually. A vacation where we won’t be checking our emails or getting calls from bosses and clients. A vacation where the only time that we’ll be online would be to upload our vacation photos. We need that vacation to recharge and have the chance to enjoy what we’ve been working for. Because working at home is still work. Being in the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean there’s no work stress. We all need to take a step back from our lives every once in a while to appreciate what we have and assess what else we can do in the future.

Now, I’m well enough to get back to work full steam ahead. And I’m still happy we took that working vacation. After all, it’s not everyday our entire family gets a chance to get together and have fun. And I’ll take that opportunity every chance I get it, even if it means I have to work through the next vacation. =)

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