Keep Learning, Keep Growing: Wailer WAHM at the E-commerce Bootcamp

It’s me with Ms Jeanette Toral of

It’s often said that sharks need to keep swimming in order to stay alive.

It’s the same for us work at home moms. We have to keep growing, keep learning new things in order to stay competitive, stay relevant in our chosen fields. Whether you’re a freelance, online worker or home entrepreneur, learning new ways to develop and market your skills in services is extremely important. There are new opportunities opening up everywhere and if we don’t take advantage of them,

For me, I’m always looking for ways to improve this blog and all the other websites I work on/partner with. So when the E-commerce Bootcamp by came to Davao, I decided to seize the opportunity to check out what it’s all about.

The bootcamp is basically a primer on what bloggers and e-commerce entrepreneurs like me should do to build a sustainable and thriving business on the Philippines. It’s a great introductory course of anyone considering building a business online. It may be a bit intimidating for those who have limited technical knowledge but a great overview of you already have the beginnings of a business and you need a bit of direction to move forward.

All in all, it was a great workshop and offers more workshops and free webinars for everyone who needs to learn. It’s not ideal for those who just want to find work online since a lot of the webinars, resources and workshops that they offer are paid. But it is a good investment for those who want to build a serious online business and those who want to network with the pioneers and giants in the Filipino e-commerce landscape.

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