10 Online Job Hunting Tips for WAHMs

Online job hunting basics for WAHMs, even kids can do it!
Online job hunting basics for WAHMs, even kids can do it!

Some of the best jobs for WAHMs are online jobs. These jobs let you work from home, choose your own schedule, and can pay really well depending on your skills and experience. LinkedIn, the biggest professional social networking site , just released a list of tips on how to hunt for jobs online. I want to share that list here with a few suggestions on how to make it more adaptable for Filipino WAHMs.

1. Make time.

It’s easy to let job hunting fall to the bottom of your to-do list, but you can’t afford to let that happen. Schedule at least 15 minutes a day in your calendar to work on your resume, update and check online networking profiles and search job listings. Opportunities come and go quickly, so you need to be in the game on a daily basis.

My Take – This is completely true. Most of the best jobs posted online are filled within a few days. Taking the time to check online job posts everyday, including weekends, can increase your chances in finding a good job.

2. Get noticed.

What better way to impress a recruiter than to have a professional networking profile appear as the first search result for your name? Completing your LinkedIn profile to 100% with your education, experience, recommendations and group memberships will increase your search ranking and give employers a strong impression before you ever meet in person.

My Take If possible, have more than 1 jobseeker profile (onlinejobs.ph, easyoutsource, outdesk, etc) and make sure all these profiles are completely filled out. Make sure you have a photo with complete education and employment background. More completed profiles online means greater visibility.

3. Be keyword savvy.

Make sure your profile is chock-full of keywords that will attract a recruiter’s attention. Look through job postings and LinkedIn profiles that appeal to you and incorporate some of the same words or phrases. In addition to job- and industry specific words, recruiters also love leadership terms (captain, president) and action words (managed, designed).

My Take Keywords are important because these are the words HR managers use to search for employees online. But don’t overdo it to the point that you start sounding pretentious. Choose the keywords that best apply to you and the job that you want to get.

4. Reach out.

Connect on LinkedIn with everyone you know — friends, family, neighbors, professors, family friends, internship colleagues and others. Once you’re connected, send each person a friendly message on LinkedIn, asking if they would keep an eye out for the particular kind of job or jobs you’re seeking or if they can introduce you to other helpful contacts.

My Take– The more people in your network, the bigger your chances are in connecting with the right people that could find you a job. Filipinos, for the most part, are very modest and shy. But if you want to find a good job faster, you have to announce that you are looking for opportunities and ask people for referrals, recommendations and updates on job openings.

5. Spread the word.

Say it out loud,"I want a job!".
Say it out loud,”I want a job!”.

To build your credibility and stay on people’s radar screens during your job hunt, regularly update your status on LinkedIn and other social networks. You might share links to articles you think would be relevant to people in your field (to show you are up on the news), announcements about events you’re attending (to show that you are actively networking) and good career news (to show that you’re headed for success). Just remember to keep your updates clean and appropriate.

My TakeDon’t hesitate to share your resume (and your intentions of looking for a job) on Facebook and Twitter. Online job hunting is a lot like marketing. The more you market yourself, the more employers you’ll reach.

6. Get into groups.

Beyond connecting to individuals, join LinkedIn groups related to your alma mater, professional associations, volunteer organizations and industries you want to join. Every discussion in which you comment is an opportunity to market yourself to people who might be hiring, and every group contains a “Jobs” tab where members post opportunities to one another.

My TakeFacebook and Google+ groups are a great source for online jobs. Join as many groups related to the job that you want to have. Here are a few that I recommend:

  • Philippines VA Network FB Page – jobs, tips and resources for WAHMs who aspire to be virtual assistants
  • Pinoy Online Workers FB Page – community of Filipino online workers from VAs to programmers, designers and data entry. They regularly share tips and resources.
  • Manila WAHMs FB Page – support, resources, jobs and opportunities for WAHMs and mompreneurs. You don’t have to be Manila based to join but you do need to apply.
  • Pinoy VA moms FB Page – Dedicated to VA moms providing community support, news, resources and job updates.
  • Davao VA Association FB Page– Exclusively for Davao based VAs and internet entrepreneurs, provides job posts, resources, and community support.
  • Onlinejobs.ph FB fan page – Official FB page of onlinejobs.ph. Provides daily job updates and tips for jobseekers.
  • WAHMderful life Community page on G+ – Global community for WAHMs, provides job updates, news, resources, and community support for WAHMs.
  • Digital Filipino Community on G+ – Great community for aspiring internet entrepreneurs  Provides links to free and paid resources, webinars, seminars and support.

7. Search high and low.

What makes LinkedIn’s job postings different from others is that they don’t just tell you who is hiring, they tell you how you are personally connected to that company through your network. Even when you see a job listed on another site, LinkedIn can help you research people at that company and tell you how you are personally connected through your network. No matter where you look for jobs, cast a wider net by altering your search terms and location criteria from time to time.

My Take – Definitely true but don’t limit yourself to LinkedIn. Go through all the job sites and social networking sites. Apply for as many positions as possible that you can qualify.

8. Follow companies.

When you see a job you like on another job board, use LinkedIn as a company research tool. Check out the LinkedIn Company Page of any organization where you’d like to work and click “Follow company.” Activities of that organization on LinkedIn (job postings, hires, announcements) will appear on your homepage and alert you to potential opportunities.

My Take – This is good advice if you want to work for a specific company. But bear in mind that there’s a lot of competition for jobs with big companies. A lot of times, some of the best job prospects come from small and upcoming start-ups and businesses.

9. Persist (without pestering)

When you ask pleasantly, it's not pestering.
When you ask pleasantly, it’s not pestering.

While you don’t want to be a pest, persistence is a very important component of the job search process. Sending followup messages through LinkedIn can help you stand out from other candidates. Every time you send someone a message through LinkedIn, the recruiter or hiring manager can easily click over to your profile and check out your credentials.

My Task– When going after the job that you want, it pays to be assertive. There’s nothing wrong with asking whether or not you’re shortlisted for the position you’re applying for. Most employers appreciate applicants that are frank and direct to the point.

10. Consider Job Seeker Premium.

Once you have a strong LinkedIn profile, you want to make sure it gets to the top of recruiters’ inboxes when you apply for jobs. LinkedIn offers an upgrade feature called Job Seeker Premium that, among other benefits, places your profile at the top of the list of applicants to the jobs you apply for on LinkedIn. Premium subscribers are twice as likely to be contacted by recruiters and 80% more likely to be found in search. Check it out at http://www.linkedin.com/jobseeker

My Take – I’m not sure how applicable this would be for most Filipino WAHMs. I think this is a paid service. But if you think it would help and you can afford it, go for it! Just remember that a complete and impressive profile and resume is more important and is still the most effective way to get you a job.


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