Prepare For and Ace Your Online Job Interview In 12 Hours Or Less

Job Interview
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Congratulations on scoring that job interview! They liked your application so much that that want to set the interview within the day. You’re psyched, you’re nervous, and you have no idea where to start!

Twelve hours doesn’t seem like much but it’s actually more than enough time to prepare for and ace that online job interview. The trick is to make sure that all three aspects of a successful job interview are ready:

  1. the technical preparations (your laptop and your internet connection),
  2. your personal preparations (your appearance and your immediate surroundings) and,
  3. your interview preparations (information about the job, your qualifications).

Focusing on these 3 key aspects will allow you to focus and prepare for your interview in less time. Here’s an example on how you can prepare for your interview in 12 hours, which can be shortened if you already have some experience with job interviews or you already have some of the interview requirements prepared in advance.

Technical Preparations

MSI laptop computer
MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make sure your internet connection is strong. Call your ISP as soon as possible if you encounter any problems. Have a backup internet source (prepaid internet, phone data plan, etc) in the event that your personal internet connection would run into some problems.

Make sure that your computer is in good working condition. Prepare and test any other device that you might need for the interview  (headphones, microphone, etc). Get backup devices if possible.

Time Frame: 1 to 4 hours

Interview Preparations

Student laptop
Student laptop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read through the job post again and do some research on the company if possible. Prepare to answer questions on why you’d be a good fit for the job and how you can contribute to the company’s/team’s growth.

Prepare for questions commonly asked during interviews. Questions like what are your strengths and weakness, how you respond to stress and challenges, how do you see yourself in the future, etc.

Think though and research any other questions that may be asked about the job and your qualifications. Prepare answers for as many questions as you can. List down these questions and answers and read through them so you’ll be ready when they’re asked during the interview.

Time Frame: 2 to 4 hours

Personal Preparations

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Bring out your resume or CV and your portfolio. Prepare samples of your work so you can take them out as soon as it’s needed.

If you’re having a video interview, prepare yourself and your surroundings. This means cleaning up the area behind you that would be seen on the video, preparing something appropriate to wear, and making yourself look presentable for the camera.

Practice speaking in a relaxed yet modulated tone infront of a camera and maintaining eye contact until your comfortable. Watch for any unnecessary gestures that might distract your interviewer, like playing with your hair, scratching, etc.

Time Frame: 2 to 3.5 hours

Last 30 minutes

It is important that you do a last minute check to make sure that your computer and your internet connection are in good working order. Problems caused by technical difficulties like poor audio/video quality, string background noises, dropped calls can be distracting and could affect your interview.

If at any point during your preparation encounter technical problems that might stop you from going through with the interview on time, inform the HR manager or employer and reschedule as soon as possible. Use the time in between interviews to fix the problem and do any additional preparation that you might need.

And if you have 5 more minutes to spare, check out the video below for last minute tips

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