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Are We Ready For Our Kids To Be Less Than Perfect?

A few weeks ago, I got a call from my husband after he took my daughter to school. When he got there, the teacher talked to him privately about a minor scuffle she got into the day before with another student. It’s not that big of a deal, the teacher assured him. The issue was…

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Why Sending My Daughter To School Was The Best Choice For Me

I’m a big fan of homeschooling and I have a lot of respect for parents who choose to homeschool and unschool their children. I know the tremendous benefits and savings you can get from homeschooling. And because of that I have seriously considered homeschooling my daughter. It certainly made sense, considering that I work from…

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What WAHMS REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

In my email, I get a daily Google Alerts on everything related to work at home moms. And for the past few days I’ve been getting a lot of articles that offered a lot of suggestions of what you can give to the work at home mom in your life for Mother’s day. I admit,…

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