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5 Reasons Why Work At Home Dads Are Awesome

Once my husband started working from home, that’s when I started to see more and more men choosing stay home for their kids. Our patriarchal culture in the Philippines doesn’t make it a popular choice for men. I know it’s probably not easy for them to be constantly questioned for their choices or be compared…

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4 Things Every Family Restaurant Should Have

Just because the place has a kiddie meal with a toy doesn’t mean they’re a family restaurant. Families love family restaurants because it’s a place where they can celebrate and have a break from home cooking. As a working parent, I truly appreciate family restaurants especially when on days when I’m simply too tired or…

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Revenge of the Attachment Parent

Being a parent isn’t a glamorous job, so prepare yourself for tons of embarrassment. When you have a baby strapped to your chest, you pretty much have to kiss your poise goodbye until they start learning how to walk. (Disclaimer: You baby learning how to walk isn’t an assurance you’ll have you pre-mommy poise back…

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