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Celebrating Teachers and Teaching

“It’s obvious that you like kids and you like to teach. Why don’t you become a teacher?” The first time I was asked this question was when I was an undergrad. I was tutoring science and math part-time for extra cash. Parents liked me and the students seem to be interested in what I had…

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Learning More About Your Child’s Learning Personality – A Book Review

Disclosure: The book was given as a complimentary copy but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Once my daughter started going to school, my husband and I started reflecting on our own experiences in school, specifically our experiences on learning in school. For me, I found learning in school rather easy. I liked…

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Parenting (Almost Completely) Unplugged

Since last Thursday and over the weekend, my days were focused on my daughter and on her very first day of school. I wanted to enjoy the experience and I wanted to be there for my daughter. I wanted her to see and feel that we were completely behind her as she was taking this…

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