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Alternative WAHM WorkSpace: KopiRoti Davao

I feel so bad that it took me so long to write about KopiRoti, considering I’ve been working in this place for several months now. I guess it’s because I’ve been so comfortable, it almost feels like home… Quiet, Comfortable, Reliable Compared to other coffee houses in the city, KopiRoti is quite humble. The place…

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Coffee Shop Etiquette for Online Workers

For most of us, the coffee shop is our office away from home. That’s where we go to when we’re looking for some human companionship and the white noise that only an office can bring. We treat coffee shops as an extension of our home(office), we have to remember that coffee shops are businesses. We’re…

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Why This Mommy Is Stealing Candy From a Baby

When I was a kid, and well into my 20s, I always thought it was kind of funny that my mom would hide the best bits of chocolate from me and my sister for herself. Because it’s really hilarious when you think about it, a grown woman hiding chocolate in her underwear drawer; a variation…

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