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How To Transition from a Part-Time To A Full-Time WAHM

I was given the opportunity to do a guest post at pinoywhamnewz.info. In this post, I talked about how part-time WAHMs can make the transition to full-time WAHMs easier for themselves and their families. Working part-time is different working full-time and some families have a hard time transitioning to their stay-at-home parent working full-time. They’re…

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Missing Nanny 4: Going to Grannies

The reason why Filipinos have such close family ties is because each generation is in one way or another completely dependent on one another. In most Filipino families, the primary caregivers of children, in addition to the parents, are the grandparents. This is still the case for most families but it’s not as predominant as…

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Missing Nanny 1: The Saga Begins

I admit that compared to most work at home moms, I’ve been luckier than most. I have a supportive husband and a full time nanny that takes care of my child while I’m working. I’ve been able to do work, have some time for myself, and relax because of my full time nanny. So imagine…

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