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The DIY/Home Repair Weight Loss Plan

Don’t get me wrong, I love it that my husband became a work at home dad. It’s awesome that he’s able to spend more time with us. But ever since he started working at home, he gained weight. A LOT of weight. This year, his New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. However, he didn’t…

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The WAHM Life: It’s About Balance, Not Sacrifice

Today, I couldn’t help myself and I contacted Martine from the WAHMderfullife. I was getting tired of some people criticizing me of not making enough sacrifices to pursue a “serious” career. I got tired of people who thought I was too naive to believe that I could have it all; a fulfilling career, a good…

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My (First) Blood Donation Experience

One of the things I liked most about my husband when we were still in college (aside from the fact that he looked really cute in swim trunks back then) was that he was a regular blood donor and an active member of the Red Cross. I always felt that as a healthy human being,…

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