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Household Chores: Do They Hurt or Help Your Productivity?

My sister, who is also a work at home mom, hates doing chores while working.  If you force her to do chores when she’s on “work mode”, she becomes cranky, distracted, and would have a hard time getting back on track. When I’m stuck on something, I use my break to do some chores. I…

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6 Things People NEED To Know About Work At Home Parents

I noticed that there are a lot of people out there who have misconceptions about work at home parents. There’s more of us now than ever before but for the most part, we’re still a minority. People can relate to stay at home parents and working parents but what about parents that’s basically a mishmash of both.…

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5 Reasons Why Work At Home Dads Are Awesome

Once my husband started working from home, that’s when I started to see more and more men choosing stay home for their kids. Our patriarchal culture in the Philippines doesn’t make it a popular choice for men. I know it’s probably not easy for them to be constantly questioned for their choices or be compared…

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