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The Right To Become A Stay At Home Mom

I was really inspired when I read Mia Redrick’s post about a woman’s right to stay at home. It seems like the feminist movement, which was supposed to free us from the restrictions and stereotypes associated with our sex, sort of backfired and created new restrictions and stereotypes that are maybe as bad as the…

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I’m A Bad Mommy And I’m Okay With It

Let’s all be brave enough to admit that we all have our bad mommy moments. Whether your a working mom, work at home mom, or stay at home mom, you’ve probably done something that parenting books and “experts” say would ruin you’re child’s life forever. My top 5 sins are: Using the TV as a…

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In Search of the Mythical, Perfect Work At Home Mom

When I became a mom, I really wanted to be the best parent that I could be. In fact, I had this vision in my head on what kind of mother I wanted to be. My daughter would always be clean and neat, I would always cook from scratch, and I would never, ever lose…

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