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3 Things To Remember When Writing Cover Letters

A cover letter is essential when applying for a job. What’s sad is that most people don’t know how to write a cover letter or what should go in a good cover letter. Despite the fact that there are a ton of templates and guides online on how to write cover letters, a lot of…

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Newbie Success Story – Kathy Orozco

Nothing makes me happier than hearing stories of moms (or in this case, planning to be a mom) getting the job that they want. It’s moments that this that inspire me to keep going. It inspires me to know that I’m able to help people get a job, but most of the credit really should…

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5 Steps To Make Your Facebook Page Job Ready

Keeping your work life and your personal life separate has become harder as more and more employers are now looking into their job applicants’ Facebook profiles. HR managers and employers look into applicants’ Facebook profiles  to confirm that their identities and to asses if that applicant would be the right fit for the job. This…

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