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Becoming a Virtual Assistant – How To Begin

A stay-at-home mom approached me on Facebook today. She saw my blog post and my profile on a virtual assistant (VA) network here in the Philippines. She told me that she wanted to try her hand at becoming a VA but didn’t know where to start. She used to work in an office but became…

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WAHMS and Virtual Assistants

Parents who want to work at home but don’t want to go into business or freelance often seek employment as virtual assistants. What is it about being a virtual assistant (VA) that makes it an attractive option for work at home parents?   Definition   According to Wikipedia, a virtual assistant “is generally self-employed and…

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When Are You Going To Get A Real Job – How To Deal With Unwanted Advice

One of the things that always comes up in discussion whenever I’m with my friends who also work online is how a lot of people can’t seem to help themselves and tell us that we should get a “real” job. It doesn’t matter that I’m earning more now than I did in my old office…

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