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Learning More About Your Child’s Learning Personality – A Book Review

Disclosure: The book was given as a complimentary copy but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own. Once my daughter started going to school, my husband and I started reflecting on our own experiences in school, specifically our experiences on learning in school. For me, I found learning in school rather easy. I liked…

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In Defense of Books and Reading in the Age of Digital Learning

In this digital age, when kids would rather play games or use a learning app on a laptop or tablet, how can you teach them to love (or at least, appreciate) the written word. You would probably ask, do they still really NEED books? They can read from a tablet. In fact, we’re now seeing…

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Keep Learning, Keep Growing: Wailer WAHM at the E-commerce Bootcamp

It’s often said that sharks need to keep swimming in order to stay alive. It’s the same for us work at home moms. We have to keep growing, keep learning new things in order to stay competitive, stay relevant in our chosen fields. Whether you’re a freelance, online worker or home entrepreneur, learning new ways…

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