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The Best Time To Start Becoming A Work-At-Home Parent

“When is the best time to start working from home?” I encounter this question time and time again from moms who want to try their hand working from home. It’s also one of the questions had the hardest time finding an answer to because most of the moms I know (myself included) didn’t really have…

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Missing Nanny 6: The Conclusion or The Nanny Returns

My nanny finally finished her internship and we’re now working on getting things back to normal. We’re still doing a bit of adjusting because now we’re preparing my daughter to get ready for school. It’s a tall order but I think we can make it. Not having my nanny those past few weeks reminded me…

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How Becoming A Work At Home Parent Helped My Marriage

All marriages go through problems and my marriage is no exception. That’s why I’m forever thankful that my marriage has lasted this long and continues to  grow stronger. We’ve been through a lot and I’m glad we made a lot of good choices along the way. I think, I believe, one of the choices that…

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