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Prepare For and Ace Your Online Job Interview In 12 Hours Or Less

Congratulations on scoring that job interview! They liked your application so much that that want to set the interview within the day. You’re psyched, you’re nervous, and you have no idea where to start! Twelve hours doesn’t seem like much but it’s actually more than enough time to prepare for and ace that online job…

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Coffee Shop Etiquette for Online Workers

For most of us, the coffee shop is our office away from home. That’s where we go to when we’re looking for some human companionship and the white noise that only an office can bring. We treat coffee shops as an extension of our home(office), we have to remember that coffee shops are businesses. We’re…

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Do’s and Dont’s for Your Skype Job Interview

Skype Interviews are de rigueur for anyone who wants to work online. It’s also one of the most nerve wracking experiences for any job seeker. Going to an actual interview is hard enough but at least it’s something familiar. People tell you what to expect on an actual job interview. But most people get especially…

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