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I’m A Bad Mommy And I’m Okay With It

Let’s all be brave enough to admit that we all have our bad mommy moments. Whether your a working mom, work at home mom, or stay at home mom, you’ve probably done something that parenting books and “experts” say would ruin you’re child’s life forever. My top 5 sins are: Using the TV as a…

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Missing Nanny 5:Super Playdates!

  Nothing, and I mean nothing, completely drains a toddler’s energy than a playdate with other equally restless toddlers. It’s not an exact science and it varies from child to child. But in my child’s case, one hour of uninterrupted play is equivalent to a 4 hour afternoon nap. So when my cousin Julie Faith…

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4 Things Every Family Restaurant Should Have

Just because the place has a kiddie meal with a toy doesn’t mean they’re a family restaurant. Families love family restaurants because it’s a place where they can celebrate and have a break from home cooking. As a working parent, I truly appreciate family restaurants especially when on days when I’m simply too tired or…

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