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10 Myths About Working From Home That Need to STOP

Home-based workers and businesses are now becoming more of a norm and less of a novelty. People everywhere are now embracing the freedom and flexibility that comes from being able to work from your own place, at your own time, and in your own terms. Home-based workers and businesses are now becoming more of a…

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To My Little Girl:Why Real Life Happy Endings Are So Much Cooler

Dear Nicky, Your father and I would like to apologize for some the movies and TV shows you have seen us watching lately. Your Papa and I love romantic comedies. We love the singing along to the music of Disney princess movies. My working at home has also exposed you to my guilty pleasure: cheesy…

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WAHM’s Guide To Meeting Other WAHMs IRL

Even for us who have worked in an office before we became WAHM’s, working with another person you know in the same room can be an uncomfortable experience if you’ve been doing it for so long. The easy-going, casual IM’s you share with this virtual co-worker turns into awkward, stunted conversations when you have to…

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