Why Work At Home Moms Can’t Do It All

One of the biggest and the hardest lessons I learned as a work at home mom was to cut myself some slack. It’s not that I’m overly ambitious. It’s just that when I do something, I want to do it right and do it well. This has caused me a bit of anxiety through the…

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10 Realities Work at Home Moms Must Face

A friend of mine shared this article on Facebook about the realities of being a work-at-home mom. I agree that a lot of these things do happen to WAHMs. These things are still happening to me. Looking at it, you’d think that working from home can be depressing but it doesn’t have to be. These…

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Welcome To The Wonderful World of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms)

By Cathy Thorne. http://everydaypeoplecartoons.com/

You’ve probably heard of the stay at home mom. You’ve probably also heard of the working mom. And I’m sure you’ve also heard about whats right and wrong with these two types of moms. Stay at home moms have the benefit of being there for their kids, but most of the time it’s at the…

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