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How WAHMS Can Use Inexperience To Their Advantage

Lack of experience in the workplace can be a major hurdle. If you’re a fresh graduate or a stay-at-home mom with absolutely no work experience, it can be hard to find any job. And for those who aspire to work online or become virtual assistants, work experience would seem like a necessity if you want…

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5 Myths About Looking For Work As A Virtual Assistant

A lot of stay-at-home parents are now trying online work or online jobs to supplement their income. And one of the most popular and in demand jobs out there today is being a virtual assistant. Working as a virtual assistant (VA) is a great option for stay at home parents because it provides a lot…

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WAHMS and Virtual Assistants

Parents who want to work at home but don’t want to go into business or freelance often seek employment as virtual assistants. What is it about being a virtual assistant (VA) that makes it an attractive option for work at home parents?   Definition   According to Wikipedia, a virtual assistant “is generally self-employed and…

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