The Terrible Twos And Why I’m Loving It

Today was just one of those days my daughter simply had to have her own way. Yes, she’s toilet trained but for today, she’d rather pee in her pants because the warm urine felt nice. I made her favorite nilagang baboy with sweet corn but she refuses it eat, simply because she can. And just when my sister and I finally found the time to focus on our work, that’s when she decided to throw a tantrum.

Me and my baby on our first ferris wheel ride
Me and my baby on our first ferris wheel ride

It’s days like these that make working at home a challenge. I know I could easily complain about how hard it is to work with a toddler at home. God knows how badly I want to complain about how my daughter’s terrible twos are ruining my job. But a while ago, she did something that made me change my mind and made me appreciate the way she is right now.

She tried to bathe herself and dress herself today.

She’s growing up so fast. Just last year she couldn’t walk or talk. Just two years ago she was just a baby. I was able to spend most of that time with her but I can also see that time wasn’t enough. I miss my baby. And in a few years, I’ll be missing my toddler. I’ll be missing how she would try to distract me from work by bribing me with her snacks. I would miss how much she enjoys picking out her own pajamas. I’ll miss the time we spent together, just reading and playing, without a care in the world.

Working at home with a toddler is probably the hardest and the most challenging thing I’ve encountered in my professional life. But I’d much rather be stressed out with work than miss these wonderful moments in her life. Yes, even the tough moments. They’re all too short and I’ll miss them all.

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