Using Our Virtual Assistant Skills To Help With Typhoon Haiyan

We were able to make use of our skills as virtual assistants to do more for the relief efforts. Our experience is proof that anyone, in their own way, can help with the Haiyan relief efforts and do more than just donate.

I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose. And that everyone, in their own way can help the less fortunate.

Last week, I wasn’t able to write much for this blog because as soon as Haiyan hit, we sprang into action. We were extremely lucky to live in an area that was mostly unaffected by Haiyan. And because of that, we saw it as our responsibility to be the first to help and be the first on the scene.

The virtual assistant community here in Davao did what was expected at first, organize and participate in donation drives.

One of the relief drives organized by local organizations. This one is by Dakila Philippines

We gave as much as we could and still found ourselves wanting to do more. There’s so much that needed to be done because there were so many people affected. Donating relief goods didn’t seem like enough for us.

We knew we wouldn’t be welcome in the field since we’re not doctors, engineers or experienced relief workers. But as virtual assistants, we knew we had skills that would be of use to make the relief operations go faster, be more efficient and more effective.

Most of use made use of our social media marketing and SEO skills to get attention for the relief efforts.

A lot of us contacted our clients and contacts in other countries to ask them to donate and make more people aware of the Haiyan relief and rescue efforts.

Some of us offered our VA expertise to local organizations to help with logistics, planning, and organization.

Our experience as virtual assistants in the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts just proves that there’s always something anyone can do to help.

Anyone Can Help

And every little bit helps. Tacloban is starting to recover but there are still areas in Leyte that have not received any help or relief. And if things don’t change, hundreds and thousands more in other countries will be affected.

Those who want to help in their can do so in your own way. You can continue to donate to organizations like the Red Cross. You can help spread awareness about Typhoon Haiyan and the effects on climate change.

Better yet, you can even prevent this from happening again by starting a discussion in your community on what you can do to mitigate and and respond to storms like Haiyan.

Everyone of us can be informed and can participate in little ways. Typhoon Haiyan was really daunting for us. But I know and I believe that little acts we all do to help prevent another disaster like this from happening can go a long way in saving more lives in the future.

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