How I End Up Doing Online Jobs – A Work at Home Dad Experience

Our guest blogger for today is work at home dad Joven Gravanza. He was nice enough to write about and share his experience on working at home and pursuing a career while taking care of the kids.

Joven and his beautiful family

I am a fulltime work at home dad for 3 years. You might wonder what does a full time work at home dad do on a regular basis. Well I basically do 3 things; take care of the house, watch over our kid and work on my online tasks. Yes, I am doing online jobs at home. We don’t have a nanny or a helper. My wife goes to the office and takes 1 day off every week. So basically, I do almost everything every single day. This may sound hard but before going into the details, I want to let you know how my life is before doing online jobs at home.

My Life as a Regular Employee

After I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Management Accounting, I started working as an internal accountant in one of the travel agencies at Iloilo City. I was handling 2 branches so in the morning I report to the first branch and after lunch go to the next branch to continue my work. The pay is not very good. I started with a 4-digit monthly income. It was okay back then. I was still single and all my income goes to my pocket. But still I am working more than what I get.

Then years later, I have this opportunity to work in an outsourcing company. This was the very first company in our city to offer SEO and other Web related jobs. I was hired as a writer. I was not a very good writer back then but I learned as I go on with the job. I worked from 10pm – 7am (graveyard shift) for 6 days a week. It was fun at first but I realized it was not a healthy job. We sleep during the day and work during the night. I worked for that company for less than a year and I resigned. Then I decided to do online jobs at home.

How Is My Life as a Fulltime Work at Home Dad?

As I said earlier, I basically do 3 things; I do household chores, take care of our kid and work at the same time. My wife goes to her office at 9:00am and usually out from office work at 7:30pm. She spent more time in the office than at home. This is usually what employees do. On the other I as a fulltime househusband, I clean the house, wash the dishes, cook food, deliver the laundry to the laundry shop, bathe our kid, play with him, teach him some nursery rhymes, read book with him, and do my assigned online tasks. Does this sound hard? I must admit it is not easy to do all these things. But you know what; I realized this was the life I always wanted to have in the first place. I always wanted to have a job where I can be with my family whenever I want to while getting a decent amount of income. This is the perfect job for me.

I am earning a decent amount of income. I cannot disclose the exact amount but I am earning more than what managers in regular companies do. This is a job that you need to take seriously and take good care of it. I have been into this for more than 7 years already but I am still learning to keep up with the trend.

My wife was assigned to Davao City so we were forced to leave our home town and transfer to a place new to us. Does this have a major effect on my work? Nothing at all. I can work anywhere are long as there is an Internet connection so it does not bother me. I imagined what if I was still working on a company and my wife was transferred to a different place. That would be difficult for me because I need to choose between my work and my family. Fortunately I have this kind of job. I don’t need to worry about those little things.

What is the good thing about my work right now is that I have flexibility in my time. And not only that, the most important aspect of it is that I can spend more time with my kid. I don’t need to rely on other people to take care of him. I watched him grow, develop his talents and skills and I can teach him the right things to do. I have more time that I can still play badminton every Tuesday and Thursday with my wife and our new found team.

I am a family oriented person. I grow up with the idea that the best way we can show our love for our loved ones is by giving them part of our time. Money and material things are just secondary. Time is the best expression of love. That is why I feel blessed to have this kind of job. It’s not easy but a very rewarding one. Online jobs have changed my life one click at a time.

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  1. Just like you I am striving hard to find a job hear at online but unfortunately I didn’t get one. I am just a beginner at this please help me to get some job online to start my career. I hope you can help me. Thank you and God bless

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