WAHM Profiles: Internet Marketer Jane Jimenez Maghanoy

Jane Jimenez Maghanoy – Internet Entrepreneur

I came across Jane when I became a member of a Facebook group for Filipino VA moms. With every post in that group I saw that she was hard-working and had a ton of good ideas and great suggestions for work at home moms.

Jane has been a successful work at home mom for many years. She is an online freelancer, internet marketer, mentor and solo entrepreneur. She offers training program for those who want to get started with a work at home career. For more ideas, tips and reviews to help you succeed working at home, please visit her blog, www.pinoywahmnewz.info or check out her training program at http://training.jassvirtualsolutions.com/work-at-home.

1. What did you do before you became a work at home mom?              

Before I became a work at home mom, I was connected with two of the top telecommunications company. I worked as a Fraud and Risk Specialist for 9 years all in all at Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular respectively. I am also a licensed electronics and communications engineer by profession.

2. What made you decide to become a work at home mom?

During that time I was pregnant with my 2nd child, my daily routine was to wake up at  4 am, leave our house by 5 am and will be at home between 9 pm to 10 pm, with most of my time getting stuck in the traffic.  And when my husband and I  have to go to work, we take turns of bringing our son to my sister-in-law’s house so she can look after him while we are away.

Deciding on becoming a work at home mom was triggered by the inconvenience we were going through and missing out on the opportunity of taking care of our kids. But more than that, I also saw a better opportunity working as part-time freelancer because I get almost the same earnings with my regular day job.

3. Can you tell us how you got started?          

It all started with my desire of getting extra income because we went through with financial difficulty and pushed me to browse the internet to look for ways that may help us generate extra money. I came across with www.femalenetwork.com, and this is where I discovered Odesk.com.

After 1 month of signing up with Odesk, I got my first fixed price project; I was hired as Trivia Game Researcher and was assigned to create Algebra questions for $5. My client was satisfied with my performance and was hired with an hourly rate.

But there was a problem, I didn’t have a computer and internet connection at home back then. I was working  from an internet café. To solve the problem, I asked permission from the owner of the café if I could use a dedicated PC because I have to install an application. I was so happy when the owner acknowledged my request.

Every day, after I got home from my work, I spend my time at the internet café, from                                           9:30 pm to 11:30 pm. The hard work payed off, eventually I was able to apply for an internet connection and get a 2nd hand computer desktop. That’s my starting point as a part-time online freelancer with Odesk.

4. What were the challenges of setting up your own work at home business? Rewards?

The great challenge was to learning everything on my own. I had no one to teach me, no one to ask for help on what to do.  It was about making things possible and it’s basically about “sariling sikap” (hard work).

Overcoming this challenge helped give me a sense of fulfillment. Everything that I am doing right now is the result of my passion in learning new things. It’s not only about my interest but it’s also about the opportunity of sharing it to other people.

5. How is business so far?

As an online freelancer, so far everything is doing great! I’m currently launching my start-up company, JASS Online Solutions. This is a virtual solutions provider that envisions to be a recognized channel in leading individuals achieve their dreams using a bright opportunity of working at home.

6. What do you hope to achieve with your business?

Aside with getting a decent income, my mission is to transform lives with this new business model of working at home.

7. How did your kids/spouse/family reacting to you working at home?

My kids love it!  For the rest, yes they are supportive but there are times that there is a little hesitation because of what we call “job security”. Aside from that, feels a little “panghihinayang” (regret) because I have not maximized my profession.

8. How do you manage your time to balance work and family?

I have a clear idea of my priorities. I managed it through discipline and being organized.

9. Any tips for moms who want to strike out on their own and become a work at home mom?

This applies not only for work at home moms but for everyone: Know your purpose in life. Knowing your purpose gives you direction in life. When you can identify that, maximize that purpose by becoming the best that you can be. Maximizing your purpose means looking for something that you love, because that is your passion.

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