Welcome To The Wonderful World of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms)

Welcome To The Wonderful World of WAHMs

You’ve probably heard of the stay at home mom. You’ve probably also heard of the working mom. And I’m sure you’ve also heard about whats right and wrong with these two types of moms.

Stay at home moms have the benefit of being there for their kids, but most of the time it’s at the expense of their careers.

Working moms have jobs and careers that allow them to contribute to the family finances or are sometimes even the primary breadwinners of their family. But they often feel like they’ve missed out on a lot of important moments in their children’s lives.

The one thing these two types of moms have in common is the regret that they can’t have it all. If you want a career, you need to sacrifice time with your family. If you want a fulfilling family life, your career would have to take the backseat.

That was back then. Now, there’s a new breed of moms. Moms that have the financial security of a paying job or a booming business while working at home. Moms that are there with their kids 24/7 but also have jobs or careers that challenge and enrich them. Welcome to the era of the WAHM or the Work At Home Mom.

Yes, my fellow moms. It is possible to have it all. It’s not going to be easy but it is possible. Let’s all help each other to have it all; a happy family, a fulfilling career, and a good life.



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