What WAHMS REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

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In my email, I get a daily Google Alerts on everything related to work at home moms. And for the past few days I’ve been getting a lot of articles that offered a lot of suggestions of what you can give to the work at home mom in your life for Mother’s day.

I admit, I browsed through all of them. I was thinking maybe if I found something nice I can subtly email my husband what that item is. Hopefully, he’ll be able to take the hint and get me that for Mother’s day.

But then I realized none of these articles really showed me what I wanted. In fact, looking through them got me thinking, what do I really want for Mother’s day?

I also figured, I can probably make a better list by asking other work at home moms like me what we really want for Mother’s day. I posted that question on Google+ and here are some of the responses that I got.

Julie Provost

I would like a small tree…lemon maybe? Something I can have for a long time. I like that idea 🙂

Allie Irish of Ramblings Of A WAHM

My daughter just asked me what I wanted to just yesterday. I told her to just be with my family at a special place. I don’t feel Mother’s Day is a good day to actually just buy something and give it to mom. I think if a gift is involved one should make it from the heart. A gift that has real meaning and will last. I prefer fond memories, they last. Do something with mom that she loves doing.

Margaux Cruz of Mama Bella Mommy

i have two boys, age 4 and 10 months. my eldest always has his own ideas on what gift he’ll give to any of us. for females, his usual answer is “bracelet” (lol). what would really make me happy and maybe even teary-eyed is if my 4 year old made something for me. i asked him just now what his gift will be and he said “bracelet. i will make one for you right now. a big one.”. from my 10 month old baby, just a gummy grin and a drooly kiss would be heaven. it wouldn’t hurt if he suddenly had his first words (“mommy” or “mama” perhaps?) or did his first steps. ♥

Get Fit, Healthy Life

Hello! My son is only 1, but I think once he is able to write and make things, the best gift would be him making something for me because I know it would have taken him time, thought and effort to be creative in order to come up with something I would like.

Jennifer Forest of WorkWomenWant

I’m thinking of asking for something like a high speed food blender given my existing one is ancient and dying! I also did a blog post recently on what mums really, really want which was prompted by a few discussions I’ve had lately with active and engaged Dads. 

Jane Florence of Mummys Venture

I always love jewelry! I’ve gotten hand crafted and store bought. All that matters is that it came from them. Poems are a fave of mine, too!

My baby is only 10 months old so this year just extra coudles would be great, but I defently cannot wait to recieve my first hand made picture or gift that I know he has spent so much time making. I’m so excited haha 

Jackie Lee of My Wahm Life

My kiddo will be 7 (the day before Mother’s Day) at this point in Motherhood, my favorite gifts are time and handmade things. There’s nothing like a hand made card/painting/drawing. I also like to spend time with her in the garden, planting new things, tending to our things already planted. 🙂 

All the responses above made me realize that we WAHMs have a lot of common when it comes to what we want for mother’s day. Basically, what we all want, more than presents, is a day to remember. More than anything, we want just want to be cherished and loved. We want beautiful memories, reminders of why we love our kids and why all the sacrifices are all worthwhile.

Watching my bay and hubby last night made me realize what I really want for Mother’s day. I want a Mother’s day that all of us would remember. I want us to do something special, that all of us would enjoy. So for that Sunday, we have an action packed morning, then a relaxed afternoon, and then we’ll be extending Mother’s day a bit until Monday morning for a bit of indulgence.

Mammapalooza 2013 Davao City

We’ll be joining the Mammapalooza Color Run in the morning. Then, we’ll go to church so I can spend the morning with my “kids” (I teach Sunday School). And in the afternoon, I’ll be spending the day with my mom and sister to have our won celebration. And on Monday morning, we’ll go to the beach.

I figured, I don’t need more stuff. What I really want is more fun moments with my husband and baby. I know life is short and moments life these won’t last. The only thing we can really do for this Mother’s day and every other day after this is to make every day, every moment worthwhile.

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  1. Hi Julia! What you said about not needing more stuff is absolutely spot on! Memories, cherishing keepsakes, making the most of those precious moments of togetherness is what mommyhood is all about. My toddler will be three in a few months and I wonder where all that time went. But, as Gretchen Rubin said, we just have to be make the most of what we have and remember that “the days are long, but the years are short.” Happy mothers day!

    1. Happy mother’s day Vanessa! The years are too short. It literally brings tears to my husbands eyes whenever our daughter does something new. He tells me he’s proud of her but he also feels like she’s growing up to fast for him to catch up!

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