WAHM’s Night Off

Today is my birthday but last night he gave me one of the best gifts I had in a  long time: time off to go to the movies with my friends to watch Magic Mike.

I’m not saying he gave me time off from work. I’m saying he gave me time off from being a mom. He drove me to the mall, told me to not think about him and our daughter for the next few hours, wished me a Happy Birthday, and drove away. And that’s exactly what I did. We window shopped, watched the movie, had a bit of girl talk before going home to our respective spouses/partners/kids.

I was so touched that he saw how much I needed that. A few hours where I can enjoy being with my friends and leave my identity as a mom behind.

All work and no play
All work and no play

My sister says I have a nurturing personality. Once I had my daughter, my life started to revolve around her. It’s not that I don’t adore my family, it’s just that I do get burned out sometimes; especially since I’m with my baby 24/7. And what’s weird about me is I feel guilty for wanting some time off! It’s like there’s this 1950’s housewife in my head telling me that mother should never get tired of taking care of my family.

When you’re a work at home mom, it’s sooooo easy to become isolated from the outside world. And when you’re caught between deadlines and diaper changes, you get into this mindset that you have to make every minute  count for something. Those few hours just hanging with my friends, watching a movie and just doing nothing is a break from all of that.

I know I could have used those hours catching up on a bit more work or taking care of my daughter. But I needed NOT to do those things. My husband and friends showed me that sometimes I need to step away from being a wife/mom/WHAM so I can become a better person overall. I needed to remind myself that there’s more to me than what I do and I can have a richer life because of it.

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