Why This Mommy Is Stealing Candy From a Baby

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When I was a kid, and well into my 20s, I always thought it was kind of funny that my mom would hide the best bits of chocolate from me and my sister for herself. Because it’s really hilarious when you think about it, a grown woman hiding chocolate in her underwear drawer; a variation of the phrase ‘stealing candy from a baby’. Although it’s not really stealing because the candy never did get to us. But I think you guys know where I’m getting at, why would an adult compete with kids for candy.

I found this situation funny until I found myself doing the same thing. I would buy my own stash, separate from the grocery treats I would get for my daughter. I would run into my room and hide it in my closet beyond her reach. I would only eat it when I knew she was napping or when she’s out of the house. Sometimes when I had to leave the house I would bring chocolates in my purse so I could eat it in peace.

What chocolate? Did I miss one?
What chocolate? Did I miss one?

That was when I finally understood why my mom kept the best stuff for herself. Kids love candy, that’s expected, but they don’t appreciate it as well as we do. Kids eat candy because it’s sweet and it tastes good. We eat it because the love the way coca butter coats our tongue. We love the bitterness, the subtle flavor differences in each candy bar. We enjoy the nostalgia each gummy bear and lollipop brings. Kids just go through candies like it’s water. We adults, for the most part, savor candy like it’s fine wine.

So to mom, I apologize. After all this years, I finally got it. And to my daughter, I know that you know I’ve been hiding the good stuff from you. Forgive me, but you’ll understand when you have kids of your own. For my husband, we need to find a better place to hide our stash.

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