Working With Children

Never work with children and animals – W.C. Fields

Being a work at home mom, I make it a point to work around my daughter’s schedule. I do that because a lot of times, I find it impossible to work around her. She’s at that age when she asks a lot of questions and I’m the type of person who needs peace and quiet in order to work

But not my husband.

My husband works at night. And my daughter, being Papa’s girl, finds it hard to sleep without me or her Papa by her side. These past few weeks, she’s been sleeping on the couch to keep her Papa company.

Keeping Papa company while working

And he loves it. He has often told me before how much he misses our daughter when he used to work in a call center. And it was so touching to see our daughter concerned that her dad might be lonely working alone at night. How’s that for a work perk?

Watching them together made me realize that as much as I need a certain distance with my daughter, I have to appreciate the fact that I can go to her anytime I want. That I don’t have to wait until 5 pm or commute for over an hour just to spend time with her. That I can have lunch with her everyday. That I can go to her anytime I want.

It maybe impossible to work with animals and children. But having them around does make the world a better place to live in.

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